Clear Aqua KeepCup – Small

Clear Aqua KeepCup – Small

This is a limited edition KeepCup for the Australian Breastfeeding Association. It has the Association's teal logo on the cuff.


Size: Small (227ml or 8oz)
Plug colour: Burgundy
Lid colour: Turquoise
Cup colour: Clear plastic

KeepCup is the first barista standard reusable cup. They are barista standard because they replicate standard takeaway sizes and fit under the group heads of most espresso machines. When espresso based coffee is made in your KeepCup the crema remains intact and the portioning of milk to coffee will be correct.

KeepCups are made from plastic so they are lightweight, easy to carry and have low embodied energy in manufacture. They are BPA free and non-toxic. KeepCups are freezer and dishwasher safe, microwaveable and splash proof. KeepCups fit into most car cup holders and many bicycle bottle holders. They can be used to store hot and cold drinks.

Price: $16.00

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